Open a Sketchup 2019 file with Sketchup Free?

Hi, I model in sketchup pro at my office. We have a conference room with a separate email, I used to have free sketchup on it so I could open my models, screen share and zoom around with clients.

I can’t figure out how to to do this with the new free (web) version. I have set up the conference room with free (web) sketchup but can’t seem to open files off the server that way. Seems like a simple thing, any help appreciated.


sounds like a server issue as v19 files can open in Free…

alternatively, you can either use your second Pro ‘seat’ on the second computer, SU shop or use the [free] SU desktop v19 Viewer app…

SU Free and Shop is a quite different interface and Free should not used for commercially [even by Pro users]…


thanks for the quick reply.

I don’t really want to waste the second seat in the conference room as it will never get used for actually modelling just viewing. I typically use it on my laptop when on the road.

Just to clarify my options are

  1. use the second pro seat or
  2. use SU Free
  3. use SU Viewer

I will give the viewer a shot as this sounds like it should do what I need it to do.


You can add and remove your (classic) license on any machine of your choise, as long as it is active( if you ugrade to newer version, that will then be the active)
I use Dashlane, for instance, to keep my license info ‘near with me’
Removing sets the ‘seat’ free, not de-installing.

(Welcome screen->License tab->Remove license)

  1. SU Shop should be here as Free is not for commercial use…


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