How to move the entities to separate component?

Hello I have this problem I have the furniture model and I have created three lines of lamino sheleves size 18 (mm). Then I found that the bottom (the base) is not made from 18mm but from different material like 4mm. And it is a cover in a fact. So I need to move out this bottom “shelves” into separate component, but when I select the component in the bottom there are three groups of entities selected. I tried to explode the component, but it did not solve the problem.
I am using Sketchup 8, can you please help me and correct it? Save as Sketchup 8 version otherwise I cannot open the file.

“Polička” is the shelf item. “Polička úzká - 18.5” is the narrow shelf.
“Řada poliček - spodní” is the “Row of shelves - at medium height”
“Polička dolní - základna …” is the “Shelf at the very base - the lowest one”

nábytek - stěna obývací.skp (4.1 MB)

Use Outliner to move them to a new/different component or group.

If they are already groups / components, that.

If not, the old cut / paste /place correctly. It’s a sure one :slight_smile:

But did you downloaded the project to try it? It does not work like that. If I exploded the shelves are all selected, not the one at bottom but all. So I cannot separate it. The link to file is uploaded between the images

Your bottom set of shelves are a component, and two of the upper shelves are other instances of the same component. The is the nature of components, they remain linked and adjusting one will adjust all of them simultaneously. One of the shelves is a group, groups do not have this link and all behave independently. If you want to adjust any single component independently from the other instances you must disconnect it first. Right hand click on the component you want to make independent and choose “make unique” or explode that component while the geometry is still selected right click and choose make group. If you have components nested within others as you have here in your shelves you will need to make each object unique at each layer of nesting.


Thank you but I am not sure where to click unique. On the set of bottom shelves?

When “make unique” is greyed out, it is allready unique…