How to place component over another

Ive made groups and components. There are about 3 tall tables and a few rectangular boxes to represent microwaves and such. But since I created them as 2d figures and then decided to grow each group, now all components are on the floor. How do I get them up to the table tops?

Use the Move tool. Read about it in

In essence, press keyboard letter m to start the Move tool, click on a bottom corner of a component you want to move, then move the mouse to the top face or a top corner where you want it to go.

If by floor you mean the floor face, these groups may be glued to that face, making it impossible to move them up.
Right click on each group, one by one, and select ‘Unglue’ in the context menu. Then move them up to the table top.

Thanks, I am able to use the move tool and drag the components, I have done so by selecting a bottom corner, but the components dont move “up over to the top of the table component” instead they just end up moving far back behind the table.

Could you attach your model so we can see what is happening a guide you properly.

Sure, I just tried and for some reason I was able to move a yellow box over the counter. But Im trying with the other green box I have and it doesnt work. I did notice that when I selected the yellow box with the pointer tool and then selected the move tool to click and drag, as I moved from the top of the yellow box (move tool showed “top face” with red crosshairs and as I moused over the front facing side it did the same thing for that face, it showed the crosshairs for that face as well. But when I move over the other box (the one im unable to move) those crosshairs and face label DONT show (2.2 MB)

As @Wo3Dan mentioned, you have some things glued to faces. Use Right Click to Unglue them.

Oh sorry, I missed that. I thought “gluing” them was something done on purpose and so I know I hadnt done it on purpose. How does SketchUp decide what components to glue to what face?

When you create a component on a face it tends to default to glue to, watch the component creation dialog and check or unchecked the boxes for the options you want.

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