How to measure radius?

Do we have a measure tool that mix tape with protractor?
I would like to lay down (like tape lines) a measure circle soo I can find intersecting points in a line.
Or another way I imagine, just use the measure tape tool, and define exact distance locking the tape to this distance allowing me to only move the tape line in circles around the center point.
Is there something like that?
I am currently drawing the circles, but this not productive at all, I need to create the circle, then edit to have hundreds of segment, make my intersections and then clean everything. Not nice.
Thanks and have excelent 2022.

It sounds like you would like to create “guide circles” but that’s not an option that is available in SketchUp free. You would need to use the Circle tool as you have been.

Why don’t you set the number of segments before you draw the circles? Then you don’t have to edit them.

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Thanks DaveR as always fast and helpfull.
Yes Guided Circles, that is what I had in mind.
I don’t know how to setup segments first. I know I need to set the radius 1st. How I do that? please

There have been requests for such things but not yet. If I remember correctly there’s an extension that can make guide circles but that won’t do you any good in SketchUp Free. Another extension can identify tangents and various points related to arcs and circles.

When you select the Circle tool the measurements window shows the number of sides. Change that to what you want and press Enter before starting to draw the circle. Works the same way for the Polygon tool, too.

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The various Arc tools also allows the number of segments to be set when the tool is first activated.


Here is a video (set the number of segments)

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