How to select the center of a circle within Tape Measure Grid?

Brand new Community member here, so I apologize if this is the wrong location to ask a question.

I am having a hard time selecting the center of a circle. I have created a grid of Tape Measure lines in order to evenly place several circles. I need to copy the circles onto the intersecting points of the grid.

However, I am unable to use inference to copy the circle as SketchUp automatically “selects” the intersection of the measuring tape instead of the center of the circle. How would I do this?

I understand a workaround is to just create a new circle at each intersection of the measuring tape, but was hoping there was also a way to just copy the existing circle instead.

Create a circle, right click on it and select ‘Find Center’ in the context menu.
Select both circle and center, right click on the selection (say on the perimeter) and select ‘Make Component’ in the context menu.
Now you can place/copy the component where ever you want by selecting it > grabbing it by its center > placing it on the target (your intersection of guides).

Note that you can copy the component by hitting [Ctrl] once after starting the move operation.
You can copy array several instances by typing the number of copies plu * and then [Enter]
So to make 7 copies evenly spaces move/copy one, then type 7* [Enter].
Or 7/ [Enter]

p.s. note the information SketchUp provides on the status bar down left while using tools.

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