Selecting hole centre

How can I select centre of hole in a component.
Using the tape measure snaps to points on the hole edge but not the centre.
I am trying to position one part relative to another.
I am regular solidworks user & new to SU

You haven’t specified the shape of the hole. If it is a circular hole, right click on the perimeter at the extusion or on the circle in the face and select ‘Point at Center’ in the context menu.

Thanks for that, yes a circular hole & when I select hole edge or hole cyl surface & right click I don’t see the “point at centre” option. The components was imported from solidworks as .stl & then made into a SU item, if that makes any difference. I guess I am expecting to be able to identify a centre point or axis (& I know I must stop thinking in SW)

If imported, then the cicular shape is built up of just edges (the segments) and doesn’t show the property ‘Circle’ in the ‘Entity’ dialog box. You’ll need to construct the center by intersecting two perpendicular lines from the midpoints of two edges in the perimeter.

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OK I see that the hole cyl surface has segments & even if I use the soften edges, they disappear visually but I think they are still there because drawing a line will snap to where they were & from that I can identify a diameter line although I guess that assumes an even number of segments ?
I made a simple new item all in SU & the tape measure tool will snap to the circle centre, however I still don’t see the “point at centre” option which sounds like it may be useful.

ThomThom’s Guide Tools extension will help you find the center.

You will also need to install his TT_Lib to get it running.

Download these rbz files and then go into SketchUp’s Window > Preferences > Extensions … Install Extensions.

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Thanks Chris, that does look useful, I have to do other things now but will try that later

It sounds as if you don’t have that ruby script installed.
(Problem with what seems to be such a basic thing is that I tend to forget that ‘Point at center’ needs to be installed, it isn’t there right from the start as should)

In SketchUp see that ‘Warehouse’ toolbar is available. If not, menu View > Toolbars > check ‘Warehouse’.
In that toolbar select ‘Extention Warehouse’, (last icon with ruby), and find extention ‘Example Ruby Scripts’, created by SketchUp Team. One of its options is ‘Point at Center’ in the context menu for circles and arcs.

Chris, this is cumbersome silliness.
How about putting the good old Point at Center script back in application?
Many (experienced) users have been pointing to its absence for some time.

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I will put in your request to add it to the install.


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No, it isn’t…

ok guys, with the extension installed I now have the “point at centre” which I think will use quite a bit.
still not working with the imported item but imports from other software usually has some limitations.
I will look at the thom thom guide tools another day.
I note that the point disappear with “delete guides” so it seems to be a reference item only.
Sorry to be comparing with SW but I am struggling a bit without planes, points & axis. Only started with SU this week so have a lot to learn.
Thanks for the help

There are still yet other center point plugins. This one will get you a center point in a 2D and 3D selection. And there’s also Center of Gravity.

Telling us - or showing us - about your model could help us give you better guidance.