How to make various shapes snap to each other

I am currently working on a project in which I have a large area that I need to create a carpet pattern for. The area has one main carpet type and I am attempting to put other carpet tiles within that area so that they snap together. For the colored carpet tiles I used the rectangle tool and added the proper texture. How would I go about getting the colored tiles to snap onto the main carpeted area?

If you make each different tile int a component it should be easy to snap them to a surface and to one another.

all of the tiles are already set as components, I also have multiple tiles put together as a separate component. I can’t seem to get anything to snap to anything.

In that case, you will have to upload the file so that we can see what is going on.

carpet pattern.dwg (36.0 KB)
Here is the file Im working on, within it you’ll find the main floor plate as well as multiple components of the carpet patterns and individual tiles.

You have uploaded a DWG file that only seems to contain an outline of an area. What I was after was your SU file.

Give the separate tile components “Glue To” property so they will snap flat to a face they are placed on. While you are at it, also set them to “Cut Opening” so the will visually cut the large face texture, thus locally replacing the carpet texture. You’ll still be able to shift them around.

I have those options set but when I place them on the floor plate there is no snapping and the plate does not get cut though.

You need to pick a tile component from the ‘In Model’ component library. And place it directly on a face, not on a face inside another component.

You might give the tiles some thickness, as a flat plane texture when added to another plane will result in interference of the two faces (z fighting)
If the separate tiles are groups or components be mindful of where you grab it with the move tool, select an appropriate corner and then the built in inference should allow you to snap it to another piece of geometry. If you are trying to place in on a plane grab the tile at a bottom corner and you should see an “aligned to face” note to let you know where it will be dropped to. You can see when it is grabbed by the top and aligned to the face it gets the z fighting.