Moving a face along a surface

I am trying to move a component along the face of a dome. Can this be done?

I have tried setting the component to glue to any, but this doesn’t work because I can’t select which face to glue to. I’ve tried changing the axes, but it only allows me to put axes along the side of the shape, and it always snaps to the biggest face, not the face I want.

Is there a way?

Thanks so much!


it is not very clear without a visual, but if I understand well, do this :
try to unsmooth your dome. It will unveil generative lines that you can use as reference points to snap your component to. Then smooth it again !

I’d like to share a visual if I can, but I’m not sure how.

I have a shape that I want to put against a dome, either by instantiating it on the dome (glue to any), or dropping it and moving it onto the dome so that it snaps.

I can’t get glue to any to work, because I don’t know how to choose which face to glue to. As the axes are always on an edge, it always selects the wrong face to glue to. How do you choose which face snaps a component?

And I can’t find a way to move the component so that it snaps against a face of another object.I just don’t know how to move something so it snaps against a face of something else. Is there a way to do it?