Moving Objects From Face To Face



Continuing the discussion from Removing lines after push/pull:

Box, it looks as though the pipe geometry aligned to the other face of the cube when you moved it. How did that happen?


Select the geometry and use ctrl with the move tool to create a copy and it will follow the faces.


It only works if the object being moved:
• is raw geometry
• starts as a feature on a planar surface and
• is a copy of the original object

Nice if we could have that kind of behavior with grouped objects.



You mean like this.

Make it a components and set it to Glue to any.


Ha! Awesome!
I guess my real question is, how do you make those screencap vids?


And another question:
In that animation the fixture you’ve previously placed is re-aligning itself to new surfaces.
When I first drag a component out of the tray panel it aligns itself as per its glue to setting.
One that object is placed, though, it no longer aligns itself to any new surface when moved.
Any ideas?


A copy will align but not the original as it has become glued to that face once you place it.
It also matters where you click it, like all move functions you need to click on an appropriate point, not just a random area.


i n t e r e s t i n g.

But, seriously, how do you make those animated screengrabs?


S e r i o u s l y !

I use a screen grab that saves as a gif.