How do i rotate suface from one side of cube to another?


I have suface on one side on cube and i want to rotate it to another suface of same cube


Since raw geometry sticks, you’ll have to rotate a copy of the face (Ctrl-Rotate) and then delete the original.



how do i copy it?? sorry i am new here :slight_smile:


So your question is really how do you rotate/copy anything, not just one face of a cube. Your best bet would be to read about the Rotate tool in the Knowledge base and/or view videos about it on YouTube. I’ll provide you links to these resources, but in the future, as you learn, these should be your first recourse.

Making rotated copies article
Rotate tool video

You would be wise to systematically view as many videos and read as many Knowledge Base articles as you can tolerate so you can get a broad understanding of the tools and interface. The difficulty with learning by asking questions is asking the right ones.



Thank you for answering…i will do that…just that i have deadline for one project tomorow and i wanted to do it in sketchup :slight_smile:


If I had to meet a deadline tomorrow I would probably use a piece of software I was familiar with. Learning to use a new software application starting from zero is a project all by itself.



The quick and easy answer is that if you hit the option key after selecting the Rotate tool (also the Move tool) you will leave the original in place and make a copy that you can place where you wish. This has the added benefit of not distorting the geometry attached to the original.

Note that, unless the original is a group or component, the copy will stick to anything that it touches.

It might be an advantage to group geometry of the cube before you make the face, then it’s easier to group the face. Or to just construct your cube by rotating faces into place.

There’s other tricks in the tutorial, but this might help with the immediate issue.


I don’t understand. Why not make a rectangle to the correct size then extrude the cube. You will have all the faces in place? Is there something else going on with the cube? It looks like you made a wireframe cube without faces and are now adding faces. Makes no sense unless I am missing something.