How Do I Rotate The Face of an Object to Point At Another Point


I have an object (or actually group) that I would like to rotate so that it faces another point. I would like to be able to specify the point of rotation and then possibly a point normal to the face I am rotating, then specify the point that I want the object to rotate towards.

I used a plugin before called “LookAt” I believe, but I’m wondering if there is a quick way to do this natively?

Thanks in advance!


Add guide-lines to the object and the target, so then you have somethings to snap to and manipulate around - e.g. when you Move & Rotate…


I often prefer using temporary geometry instead of guide lines.

Let’s say you want to rotate the cube below twice so that the line drawn perpendicular to Face A from its center passes through Point B.

So first I’ll rotate the cube around the vertical axis, snapping to stop on Point B.

Now I’ll rotate the cube back around its horizontal axis, again snapping to stop on Point B.



Thanks for the responses! Holding shift to lock the rotation was the key!