Make an object face a point in space

Hi there,

Is there a way (native or addon) to always make an object face a specified point? Like “face me”… but a point i select rather than facing the viewport.

Even if its “one shot” rather than “always”… so i click a face of my object, then click the point i want it to face. a bit like a free rotate rather than being locked to an axis?


There’s a 3D Rotate plugin from Eneroth on the 3D Warehouse which can rotate a normal to the face to align with another point.

That’s as close as I know to give you what you want.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

Object face aligned to a point.skp (88.7 KB)

sorry for the late reply guys - thank you both though. I appreciate the time taken Jean - thank you. John, the Eneroth plugin is though is the “lazy” option i really wanted!

Thanks again guys.