Can you snap to face?

Hi I’m a long time user of sketchup but new here to the forums.

I’m trying to rotate an object from the axis point and I want a certain edge of the object to touch the surface of a face (in this case it’s the ground). How do I do that?

If you give us an example model we can show you specifically, otherwise we are just guessing.

You may be running into a well known issue where you need an endpoint to hit, the pie tool is often the way to go.

If you tap an arrow key to lock axis while moving, you can hover over a face to intersect the axis with the face plane.

EDIT: sorry, I just read again and saw you’re rotating, so this wouldn’t really apply

If it’s the lack of face inference we are talking about, the Pie tool solves it.


Hey Box,

What you did there in your gif is exactly what I’m trying to do. For some reason my pie tool is not snapping to the face. Like there’s no little red cross like I see in yours. Could there be something up with my settings? I’m using 2017 make btw.

Are you understanding that the face doesn’t work, you need to use the edge. Look for the little dotted lines and then X marks the spot. The point on the edge that corresponds with the face.


Yes that worked! Thank you man! Much appreciation for your speedy responses too!

You’re welcome, doesn’t always happen due to timezones.

No worries @Nico, there’s always @DaveR who ignores all timezones.