"Rotate the drawing so the selected surface is facing me" command?

I am very new to SketchUp, trying to use it to frame out a garden shed. I was wondering if there’s a way to click on a surface and then issue either a menu selection or a keystroke combination that tells SketchUp to rotate the drawing so that selected surface is facing me? That is, to avoid having to use the rotational tool.

Right click on the face and try align view. See if that does what you want.

Learning to use the navigation tools, Orbit, Pan, and Zoom is an important part of efficiently working in SketchUp. Although you can align the camera to a face as Shep describes, limiting yourself to only those camera alignments will make modeling much more difficult than it needs to be.

I don’t see an “align view” option on the context menu when I right-click on a selected face. Perhaps the plug-in (Framer) does not support that command?

I agree, @DaveR, but the command I’m looking for would have its efficiency too.

Are you right clicking on a group or component? That command only shows when you right click on a face. If the face is inside a group or component you need to open it for editing first.
Screenshot - 4_10_2021 , 9_31_26 AM

Screenshot - 4_10_2021 , 9_31_04 AM

It has nothing to do with any extensions.

For modeling I don’t agree but you are certainly free to work that way if you wish.

I was using a particular extension to frame a wall, one which uses the floor as its reference, so there was actually no vertical face available on the wall itself that could be selected. I had to select the face of the floor sheathing and then use Align View. Thanks for that clarification.