How to align view to the face of an object?

Hello - In Autodesk inventor there was a command to align the current view to the face of a solid. It there any way to do that in SU?

Right click on the face and select Align View.

Illustrating what Box describes.

Perfect! A few more steps than other solid modeling programs but I will take it. Thank you :slight_smile:

Perhaps some time at the Campus would help you forget the other software expectations.

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There are two steps in SketchUp’s version of this feature: 1) Right-click the target face to select the face and display the context menu. 2) Execute the Align View function. How might you simplify the operation?


For example, in Inventor, there is an “Align to Face” option that requires only two clicks. Click the icon or menu item and click the face to change the view. Two steps. From my experience so far in SU, if the object has been turned into a group or component then you must first put the object into edit mode before the Align View function is available. Again, not a big deal.

Yes, that is correct. Thanks for explaining how Inventor’s GUI handles the equivalent operation.