Possible to fit items into spaces? Move with multiple surface collision detection?

Situation: need to fit a very irregular shape into another very irregular shape, as far as it goes without actually intersecting any of the faces:

The usual tactic of snapping things to an axis, then another axis, doesn’t work, because the object lines don’t follow axes.

Anyone aware of an extension (or another method) to “fit things as far as they go”?

You can place a snap inside in order to set a point and a direction to align the component.

Have you checked out Tyson’s recent videos on inference locking? He covers non-axes directional locking.

Your forms are indeed irregular, but there are still facets, hence planes…
Therefor you might like to use the “throw to plane” plugin - SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation

Ah, nice, like “Drop Composition To Intersection” but multidirectional. NICE!

Somehow, I was all over the Sketchucation plugins, but didn’t even see that mentioned.

Thank you!

Nice, will definitely check it out! Thanks!

:pray: you’re welcome

You could also try experimenting with clothworks

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What you need is MsPhysics, but it’s not been updated for a few years.