How to make this profile with edges coplanar?

Solid inspector tells me it’s not possible to automatically close this shape.
Is there any way I can fix it?, can I identify what point is not coplanar?


chess_piece.skp (143.4 KB)

Thanks in advance.

Draw a vertical face aligned with the bottom edge of the knight. Then run Intersect Faces so the edges shown in red in your screen shot intersect with that face. Look for gaps in the resulting edges.

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Interesting … going to try what you said.

But I still don’t see the fail doing this (Green coordinate seems to be 0):

I think it was my bad, I was drawing a line with the intention to close the shape but I was drawing it outside the component.

What happens if you draw edges crossing from points on the left to ones on the right?

That would have a big effect.

Also note that if you want a solid the top “horse’s head” can’t end on a point where it meets the base.
Give it some width - as you would in real life.
Also a solid is a single group or component, which contains only edges and related faces - so no nested groups etc - like your current half-head-part.
In a manifold solid every edge must support exactly two faces - i.e. no fewer, no more.
That’s why the bottom ‘point’ of the head [1] won’t form a solid at that ‘knife-edge’ because it would have more than two faces, and also the internal ‘disk’ [2] means some edges have three faces !

Note the following:

  1. Adjust the bottom so that it doesn’t meet on a single edge.
    1a.There’s an internal disk within the base - delete it.
  2. Draw over a single edge of the head’s half-shell [while editing it] to add a face to it - BUT it’s NOT needed if you want the shell to form a solid…
  3. Mirror the ‘good’ half of the head to make it into a solid…
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Thank you @TIG, I was closing the shape just temporaly to make sure everything was ok before the third step.