Closing open solids (again)


I am trying to intersect my wing and my fuselage.
It seems that I first need to make both components closed.
Don’t I feel dumb! I have read through older posts, tried downloading and executing a couple of plugins, but I can’t seem to close this open end of my wing.
I tried creating a rectangle and then sticking it to the open end of the wing, but it didn’t stick.
Can anyone help? Oscar v052.skp (596.9 KB)


The edges aren’t coplanar so you’d need to stitch across them to create the faces.

If the edges were all coplanar they would have the same X values.


Thanks! That was a speedy and clear explanation.
The 3D modelling program I am most familiar with, Metasequoia, has a nifty function called “align vertices.”
Reading through the forum questions, am I right in assuming that Sketchup does not have such a command?


Not natively. There are some extensions that could help. Make Planar in ThomThom’s Vertex Tools comes to mind. Or you could just model it so the edges are all on plane from the beginning and avoid the problem altogether. I always prefer to model to avoid creating problems so I don’t have to spend time fixing them.


Thanks again! I can’t argue with the advice that one should avoid problems with clean and precise drawing from the start.


Thanks again; ThomThom’s Vertex Tools was exactly what I was looking for!