How to make this pendant light?

Can someone please guide me on how to create such a pendant light?

Which version of SketchUp are you using? SketchUp 2017 Make or SketchUp Free (web)?

How are you going to use this light in your model? How much detail does it need? Is it just a representation? Are you going to need to do a rendering? Who needs to see it? Most likely you would draw a cross section profile of the lamp and use Follow Me with a circular path.

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Hey DaveR, I’m using SketchUp Free (web).

  1. Its basically for the bed side pendant light.
  2. Standard detail. Not extensive.
  3. For a client of mine.

I’ll definitely try what you shared. Appreciate your prompt response. Thank you!

These two things do not fit together.


As @Box points out, those two things do not fit together. You need to be using SketchUp Go or SketchUp Pro, not the Free web version.

Okay. Will surely check it out. Thanks

SketchUp Free is not for commercial use. Since you are doing design work for clients I would suggest you go with SketchUp Pro. That will also give you SketchUp Go and LayOut.