How to make these forms in Sketchup

Greetings for the day, how to create such forms in sketchup?

In which version of SketchUp? Your profile is confusing. Are you using SketchUp Free (web)?

Yes yes



Have changed the profile status, can you please demonstrate how to do the wall panelling and dining table

The table in the second image is easy. It actually uses some of the same techniques you were shown in making the overhead light. I have to ask, though, is this for a client or for personal use?

From another thread you started:

Screenshot - 4_18_2023 , 8_56_02 AM

And you’re still violating the EULA for SketchUp Free. No more help from me.


Can you please suggest how to change? I am using Sketchup Free (Web)

You must buy a license from the sketchup website, sketchup pro costs $299 or so per year, there aren’t perpetual licenses any more, sketchup go is cheaper but it’s still web based, sketchup pro has a lot more features that you can add with plug-ins and it comes together with a software to make 2D documentation out of the 3D model.

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As you’ve been told repeatedly how to change. You continue to ignore it though.

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DaveR sir, sorry will change immediately. Thanks

What do you mean by that?

I mean will buy subscription or use as trial. Either one. Hope clear

Using the trial is fine for a little while but you need to buy the subscription. You’ve been at this long enough that you might as well go ahead and get the subscription.

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Yes sure. Will do the same. Again apologies for the trouble. Thanks

Good morning,

I have downloaded Sketchup Pro - 2023 version today. Trial version. Since, I am budgeting, will try to buy in June 2023.

Have modified the same on my profile.