New to the chat, just confused with appearance of SketchUp!

Hi Guys,
I want to start working with sketchup again to generate plans and 3D for interiors.
I used to work autocad3D and Rhyno3D and i remember to have a very similar appranace with amount of tabs and commands, but the one i just downloaded looks like a child soft version, am i mad? Or maybe i need to see a few videos to get used with new appearance,

What version of SketchUp are you looking at? Your profile indicates a version that does not exist.

Maybe but without knowing what version you are using, it’s impossible to give you appropriate guidance.

For now i paid the basic one £112 and using the PRO i think [using the month trial to explore if i should upgrade]

At that price I think you are probably using SketchUp Shop which is web based. Is that right?

I expect, based on what you wrote in your profile, SketchUp Pro with LayOut will be more appropriate.

Yes, thats why i was so confused when the programme opened, felt like a kids S
Pro with layout, means not online based but installed on the machine?

Yes. SketchUp Pro is a desktop client version.

SketchUp Shop is quite usable but doesn’t offer the ability to do things like generate reports and cutlists or use extensions. LayOut is only included with SketchUp Pro. It’s basically what you use to take your Sketchup model and make stuff like client proposals, shop drawings, and other documentation.

this the type of look i was used too, but its very time consuming and more complicated for small interiors and apply rendering textures. I really want to explore S this time and really appreciate how to get the best of it

SketchUp only shows one view of the model. It’s much more like you are working with the real objects and are able to move around them to look at them from different vantage points. Much easier than the goofy four views. Easier on older eyes, too.

commands wise, is S less heavy in blocks, right, i need to start testing but i realy need the full version with all commands to test it

but no introduction of blocks and commands i assume…
ok, i think i need to what a few videos and understand it a little so i see what i can do

Start with

No “blocs” or “commands” but there are things like components and groups that you need to get your head around and there are keyboard shortcuts.


Thank you,
You been a life saver to start the journey.

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