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Greetings to all,
I am new to SketchUp and I am really enjoying learning how to use it. I am a solar designer and I started looking into a cad programs to supplement my solar designing. I found that I like drafting with CAD more than I like designing solar. I would like advice on how a 55 year young electrician could fast track into a CAD career. I have started by using the web version of SketchUp but I am wondering if SketchUp Make 2017 desktop version would be better to start with than the web version? Any advice for a beginner is greatly appreciated. I would like to thank everyone in advance.
Thanks Charlie Cooper

The web version is OK for playing around with SketchUp, getting a feel for how it works, and making basic stuff with native tools, but if you do well with it, you can quickly outgrow it. The desktop version is better and can run extensions. It does more, like Matchphoto too. If you’re using it for any commercial purposes, however, you need to be using the Pro version because of the terms of the license.

Thank you for the reply, I plan on upgrading to the PRO version but unfortunately I do not have to $ to invest in it at this time and trying to determine the best option for learning the basics.
Thanks Charlie

Make is fine for learning the program.

Once you get the hang of it, look at Oob Electrical and Medeek Electrical. They are Extensions to SketchUp Pro that offer purpose-built electrical symbols, 3d objects, calculations, etc.

You can also try SketchUp Pro as a 30 day trial…

@ccelectricplus, safe that for after learning the basics of SketchUp. Trial time is too “expensive” for learning basic stuff. You’ll get more out of the trial period by experimenting with pro features. Makes for a better choice which you will not regret.

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