How to make texture not repetitive?

i want to know if theres any smart way of making those doors and drawers front texture not repetitive, i created a custom texture using a image from the MDF manufacter website, with the exact same size in real life… Those doors and drawers front are copy from the same component. I use D5 for render just in case

Edit the object to get to the right nesting level.
Select a face that is textured.
Right-click > menu > Texture
There are tools to move, scale, rotate etc the texture to get some desired effects.
e.g. you might want to mirror one of the paired-door’s texture to ‘matchbook’ things.
You can ‘copy’ an edited texture using the Material Browser’s ‘eyedropper’, then apply it to another face…

There are extensions around to also do this, but it’s possible without them, this way…

You would need an image of a larger piece of wood or images of multiple pieces. When I create wood grain textures I use images of boards that are anywhere from6 to 14 feet long depending on the specieis. That allows me to pick out different parts of the texture for the different pieces in the model and avoid the repetition.

Here’s an example showing different parts of the same texture applied to the drawer fronts.

Wall Cab

The free extension “random tools” has a randomize texture position option, that can be useful to help with this easily


Thanks for the help! I did this, but after entering the new texture location, all the doors keep repetitive, it is because all the doors are the same? (same component) do i need to make every door component unique?


Looks like you also need to reduce the size of the texture. It gives the impression the piece of furniture is tiny.

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If the doors are instances of the same component, then to make matchbook patterns you’ll need to pick one and use make unique on it, and change its texture. Then replace any of the original instances with that new definition as desired…
Same for any drawers etc…

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