How to make all the edges round and correct the faults

blok edges.skp (33.4 KB)
thanks for advise. coud not find a soliution in Q.

You can work on a 10x-100x scale and you will not have this problem. Search in forum after “Dave method”.

Like this?

blok edges.skp (34.5 KB)

In case you are not using current version:

blok edges.skp (32.9 KB)

Sorry Simon I can’t open those files. Pls. Advise.

Thanks. Albert

I can’t because you have not filled in your profile so I don’t know which version of SU you are using. I originally uploaded it as 2019 and the other one as 2017.

If you want to get meaningful advice on this forum, you really need to fill in your full profile.

I don’t know what you mean. Previous Q. other subjects no problem.
How you round all the edges is not clear.
SU make 2017
AutoSave_blok edges.skp (36.7 KB)

I discovered this way with intersect faces, takes a lot of time, is there a faster way?
blok edges.skp (56.2 KB)

With Round Corner plugin:


Yes but we don’t know what version of SU the OP is using and he won’t tell us. So this may not be a solution for him.

Some more info;

Make 2017 latest no update avail. Version 17.2.2555 64 bit.

Regards Albert

Thanks for info. That means you should have been able to open my second file but you probably cannot use extensions such as @mihai.s suggested.

Simon, what do you know about SketchUp’s desktop versions:

  • Google SketchUp & Pro;

  • Make and Pro?

In all these versions you can install extensions and plugins.
I probably created the GIF in Google SketchUp 8, but the Round Corner extension in SketchUp Make 2017 can also be used.

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The answer is obviously not a lot! I thought Make was a free version and that no free version had access to plugins. I stand corrected.

I am still unsure how you get a plugin installed with LO, assuming it’s possible on a Mac.

I have been using the Pro version daily for over a decade so I probably do know a lot about that version. But, hey, there’s always more to learn!

I ask because you said:

SketchUp’s desktop free versions differ from the Pro version at: import / export files, Solid Tools (only one is enabled in free) and the lack of Layout and Style Builder.
Extensions and plugins works in both (possibly with very few exceptions), but Fredo6’s excellent free extensions are functional in Make, and Google SketchUp as well.

Many thanks for the clarification.

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There is (as yet) no such thing as a plugin for Layout, though there are some API elements to manipulate a Layout file from within SketchUp.

Dear helpers.

I have RoundCorners (sketchUcation) in de download, window 10 laptop,

I need an app(?) for transport to Sketchup make 2017 extensions manager.

I did this in the past with Solid insp. (trial) but forgot how to do it.

Round show up in de extension manager but not active (?), icon no color. Round not on the list 3d warehouse RH mouse click to bring it to the SU drawing.

How to solve this snag.