How to make a sculpture :/ or is there one already?

Hi there!

I am in the middle of making a hotel lobby and would like to put in a sculpture of the head of Queen Victoria.
Anyone has one out there please?

Thank you!

click on Download model and after download the stl file



wow! Thank you so much!
I have downloaded it, now feeling a bit silly - how do I open in sketchup itself?

Use File>Import, select the file and on you go.

thanks, had a go, but the file type doesnt come up - im not sure what file type it even is - i dont see an stl option


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thank you!
this forum is great!
basically, the problem was, when i chose the option you kindly highlighted for me, it still didn’t appear as it downloaded into a file type.
therefore i first had to remove the model from within the several files so that it would appear when i chose that option.

thanks again!

ok, not so ok.
file lovely imported, and tada, nothing appears

and it is found!

thank you everyone for your help!