Need help with stl file PLEASE!

My model shows solid in sketchup and with solid inspector but exported stl is not solid. I have been working on this for over two years and thought I finally had it fixed but am still getting surface border errors. Please any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Side Redo8b good.skp (437.4 KB)

We need to see the model to be able to help.

Sorry, was trying to load it

This is the second file and the most complicated one that I’m having the same problem with. When I get it to show solid in Sketchup, my exported stl is not solid. I have increased the size, which seems to help on most applications, have changed my settings to show endpoints at “9” which has helped tremendously at eliminating extra endpoints, but I’m still coming up with “not watertight”
redo balcony 3.skp (3.8 MB)

I removed the guides and exported it and I get this in Cura.

When imported into Cura was the stl water tight? It certainly looks like the end result I am trying for!

I’m not sure what to tell you, I’m not having any issues with them.
I get this with the other one.
and here is the stl for you to test, size may not be right.
Side Redo8b good.stl (243.5 KB)

Yes both work for me and slice happily in Cura.

OMG! Thank you so much!! Could you please upload your stl for the balcony? Mine is still showing not water tight in Cura for that one but the “side” piece seems to be working. I’m thinking I need to skip the importing the stl into Sketchup step entirely.

It appears that once Sketchup says it’s a solid, then it really is a solid?

Sorry I was away from my PC.
Here is the other .stl both can be resized accurately in Cura.
redo balcony 3.stl (1.8 MB)

Are you importing the stl back into Sketchup to check it? If so, Don’t! Or if you do import it at a large size, meters for example, set in the import options. Importing the stl at a small size will create tiny face issues and cause the object to not be a solid.
Check the stl in a appropriate program, I think there are even web viewers you could use.

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Thank you so so much!! This has been EXTREMELY helpful!