How to Log into old user


I made a user a few years ago but haven’t done anything with it for a while.Now there have been a few updates to SketchUp warehouse and I can’t log into the old user.Is the old account frozen? How can I log back on if it is still active?


PM me the acct - you should be able to login, but if it’s older than a year, it was migrated from Google. Should work, but we can confirm.



Thanks for the help but I don’t quite understand what you mean by PM you
the account. All I have is the user name, which is Jr. Arch. It hasn’t been
used for a couple years. Hope this info helps.


PM = Private Message, on these forums, so if you send it to me I could look it up. Do you have the gmail password for that old account? If not, try to recover it from google and log in.


How to Private Message: