How to hide point cloud in LayOut?!? (Trimble Scan Essentials)

Hi all, anyone know how to hide the point cloud directly in LayOut?!? Iìm going crazy… tnks

To hide directly in LayOut, you could from the beginning create another scene (duplication) in SketchUp, in which the Point Cloud is turned off, and then in LayOut, just select the Viewport and in the SketchUp Model panel change to the respective scene.

Otherwise… follow the path provided by the LayOut help.

Yes I know this must be the behavior… but often doesn’t work.

(example: I have here a layout file where the cloud is visible… but there are not clouds linked to the sketchup file!)

So I imagine there could be a way to hide the cloud directly from LayOut, without workarounds…
Hope they create a button in the Model window (in layout) to turn on and off the cloud for each window.

Thank you for your contribution.

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