How to hide axes in SketchUp Viewer

We finished a complex archtectural design in SKP pro.
When showing the animation in sketchup viewer we are not able to hide the axes and guidelines. Although They are invisible in our prepared scenes they keep aparing in viewer.
How can we hide axes and guidelines in SKP viewer
Greetings and thanks in advance for your help

The options in the View tab are not the same as in SketchUp : You can toggle Hidden Geometry, Section Planes, section Cuts and Axes, NO Guides.
They can not toggle the Guides so you would have to put them on a invisible Layer.
The visibility off the Axes should be saved in scenes, but as I was testing it , I noticed that the SketchUp-Viewer once a Scene was ‘played’ which had visibility turned on for Axes , it didn’t toggle it off for the Scenes I had set up to Axes visibility off. Might be a glitch.
Best Turn Axes off for all scenes and instruct the user to toggle the Axes off in the View-tab
Version 17.1.173 (Mac)

You should edit the style that the animation scenes use, and switch off guides and axes.

Styles > (choose the style used for animation scenes) > Edit (tab) > Modeling Settings
There you’ll find a checkbox for “Guides” and “Model Axes” (among other things.)

After updating the style, you may need to switch the the “Scenes” manager, select all the animation scenes (click first, hold SHIFT+click last,) and update the scenes. Lastly save the model.

Thanks for the report fellas! Based on the descriptions that does indeed sound like a glitch. Will file a ticket to track that one down!

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Dan, I’m new here but your suggestion for hiding axes also worked in SKfree for me.

@azdave Dave, SketchUp for Web (SketchUp Free and SketchUp Shop) is a bit different. It does not have the “Edit” tab for the current style in the Styles panel.

Instead they have created a new hybrid panel named Display. This new panel combines a lot of settings that are scattered among different dialogs, panels and menu items in the Desktop editions.