Show and hide axes (the RGB standards) in sketchup web

I’m farely new to Sketchup, and as a start I have been introduced to the free web version. I will eventually get the pro, but for now I have a basic question;
I accidently (or rather I couldn’t resist trying) to hide the axes on the screen, but since the web version don’t have a menu bar, I can’t find any way to get them back.
Can anyone answer me how I do that?
I now you probably are occupied with much bigger issues out there, but I hope someone can give a quick answer…

Regards PH

I’m using my phone so I can’t test this but try going to the Styles window and selecting the current In Model style.

Thank you, got it back, now I only have to find out how to align it back to my drawing… :wink: any chance you know how to accomplish that too…?

Try right clicking on an axis. Is there a reset option available? If there is, choose it. If it’s there but grayed out, the axes are correctly oriented and you should rotate the model to align to the axes.

Thank you, that worked I’m grateful…
Have a nice day…

Regards Piet

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