How to go back to the center of the axes?

After importing a file from the warehouse, I zoomed out to find the warehouse drawing and then I could zoom in again, the screen was only grey and I could go back to the work.
How can I go back to the intersection of the axes, where I have my work?

Thank you

It sounds as if your imported geometry is far from SketchUp’s world axes origin. You should move it to this origin to avoid weird display issues in the future.
In general, right clicking on an axis might give you an option to reset axes. Draw something and move it to <0,0,0> and zoom in on that object.
(Or was it moving it to [0,0,0] ?)

Absolute the latter :slight_smile:

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Thank yo for your answer,
In fact I did import the geometry close to the center of the axes.
I zoomed out to get all together and I deleted that new set of geometry.
I save the work and, when I tried to zoom in again, the axes disappear and I was not able anymore to get them.
When I try to draw again a square, nothing appears except a message in a yellow rectangle “Endpoint in Stacy”…
As you might guess I just started to work with Sketchup, so I am a beginner. There is any way that lead me into the axes center and recover the work?


Hello, press shift + Z (zoom extend) and see what happens. I’m wondering if the model you started was too small. Check the units at the bottom right of the window and see if it is reasonable

Two things:

  • when being unsure of what to encounter after importing stuff, create a scene to return to right after importing. You still see (some of) your model and can return to that scene (=view).
  • second, upload the model here to see what is going one. Use the seventh icon (as you see in the screen grab) in your next post.


Nothing happend. Still a grey screen… No axes in sight

And no file to look at. You’re making it hard (on yourself) to tackle your problem.

This kind of issue usually is due to having some stray part of the model very far away from the rest or from the model origin. But without seeing the model we can’t prove that’s the case or tell you for sure how to fix it.

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