Lost drawing on canvas- how to find axis points?

I am brand new to Sketchup. During creating my first drawing I used either the orbit or zoom tool and lost My drawing somewhere in the palette. How do I locate the axis/center of the screen?

Maybe the first thing to do is try Zoom Extents and see what you get. Look in the Camera menu for it if you don’t have a toolbar out that has it.

If that doesn’t seem to work, upload the SKP file so we can see what you’ve got.

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Zoom extends : Shift-Z is the standard shortcut

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Thank you… Exactly what I needed!

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I am also new and lost my drawing in a similar manner. Tried Zoom Extents and it did not work, nothing changed. Is there some way of re-centering the drawing?

Zoom Extents does center the model in the model window. The most reason for the model appearing to disappear when you use Zoom Extents is that there’s so entity at a vast distance from the rest of the model. Share the model file so we can see what you’ve got going on and help you recover it.

Not sure how to post but here is my file.


Chair in Sketchup.skp (212 KB)

Chair in Sketchup.skp (229.2 KB)

How did you do that?


My guess about some entity positioned at an extreme distance from the rest of the model and the camera positioned to show everything so at a very long distance from the chair. I ran a utility to deal with it.

I didn’t find anything extraneous, but somehow the view was looking at the model from the other side of the universe. I switched to Top view, then Front view and finally the Zoom Extents function started to behave.

A quick alternative method you can try without extensions/utilities is to open the outliner and select the things you want, in this case you can select all and then copy them and paste into a new file.

It would really be helpful if you would indulge me with specifics like which utility did you use. I am a beginner and not familiar with SketchUp terminology.
I’d like to be able to fix it myself next time if it ever happens again.