Web - zoom causes model & axes to disappear, can't get back!

New to the web version today. I keep having a problem where I accidentally zoom so that neither my model nor my axes are visible. All I have is a grey/white screen (plane below, horizon above). Once this happens, I can’t get back. “Zoom Extents” has no effect. Select an object and zoom selection has no effect. Endless zooming out or looking around never shows anything. No scene or view will get me back to model, origin, or any axis. Geometry is not hidden, I’ve checked.

It happens reproduceably if I zoom in so far so that I’ve zoomed through the model. I’ve also had it happen just when I’ve clicked on a model with the selector, or sometimes through a keystroke

The only solution I’ve found is to save the model, close my browser tab, open a new tab, reload the app, open my model. When I do this, the camera is back in a default position pointing at the origin and I can continue work.


This looks like the Zoom Extents bug when there are invalid coordinates in the model. Never seen it in the Web version before. In the desktop version you could easily confirm if this is the case by a small Ruby snippet, but I don’t know what to do on the web.

I’ve also not heard of the zoom bug happening in the web version. If you save the model to your desktop (use the folder icon at the top of the web version) and then share it here we can take a look to see if there is something amiss in it.

Hey @evan1,

Are you using the Shift + Z keyboard shortcut for Zoom Extents? If so, we do have a bug on that in the Web version currently. Try Command + Shift + E, or use the Search tool (at the top of the left-hand tool tray) to search for and activate Zoom Extents. Please let me know if that helps.

FWIW, we are working on adding Zoom Selection to the Search as well. (Currently, the Zoom tool in your screenshot is Zoom Window). We’re also going to be adding context click to the Outliner, so that you could right-click an Outliner object and choose Zoom Selection.

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