Why does my model dissapear when I zoom in?

Hi, can someone explain why my model dissapears when I try to zoom in to detail corners, small objects etc? It seems like the camera is serving as a clipping plane. I’ve tried all of the suggestions (turning off shadows, copy/paste into new model, etc.) and nothing helps.

I would just like an explanation on why this happens and how you deal with it in your models? do you just forget about accuracy and precision in detail modeling?


It’s called clipping. Do a search for that here and you’ll find lots of information regarding it.

Can’t tell a lot from your screen grab but try setting the camera to Perspective and then selecting Zoom Extents. If you are modeling with the camera set to Parallel Projection it’s easy to get the camera inside the model which induces clipping.

Also make sure your model isn’t located at a huge distance from the origin.


I am modeling with the camera in perspective view.

zoom extends brings me out to the entire model which is huge and modeled in real scale (about 1500’ across). this does nothing to prevent the clip that happens when I try to zoom in on corners and small detailed objects in the model.

I don’t even know how to find my model origin, is there a shortcut for that? Where in the sketchup interface does it indicate the coordinates of an object, or its distance from the origin?

Also I did search and did not find a solution, just a number of threads detailing the same exact problem I’m experiencing.

With a model covering that sort of size clipping is entirely probably when you zoom in very close.

With the model axes in their default location and orientation they cross at the model’s origin. the origin is fixed, however, so moving the axes does not affect the location of the origin. You can see the coordinates of a point in the model using the text tool.
Screenshot - 5_13_2021 , 5_15_36 PM

Its modeled in real scale which many other software programs handle just fine so I don’t understand why Sketchup cannot. This is setup in an architctural template as well.

So there is no solution? How do I open a development ticket with Trimble?

This is a shortcoming of OpenGL, the protocol used to create the appearance of 3D on a 2D screen. The template you choose has absolutely nothing to do with it.

You can go to sketchup.com and use the Contact link found at the bottom of the page. This is not a new thing and the team are aware of it.

Interesting, I use Rhino and Blender, which both use OpenGL, and cannot replicate this issue.

I find it concerning that the development team has been aware of this issue for years, yet many new versions of Sketchup have been released without a fix. I will create a ticket, thanks.