On top of the world... all hundreds of billions of meter above it!

Hey all!
I dunno how I manage to do this… but suddenly I ended up billions of meter above origo.
How on earth do I come back to origo?
Image attached

Thank you so much for your help

Try Zoom Extents: Shift-Z.


Hey Gully!

Well… no, It didn’t work…(it worked on another model though)
Any other suggestuion?

Thank you so much

Oh wait! It did, kinnda, work!
I opend another project and imported the f***ed up file and hit the skift + z.
I got the model back to normal zoom again. I can handle the problem from here on.

Thank you SO MUCH Gully! :gift_heart:

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Glad you’re back. You gotta quit getting so high.


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