How to get rid of the black edges, even I already turned off edge styles?

There are always nosing lines on the models. Mostly it’s black lines but sometimes there are white lines too. I tried to set the highest Multisample anti-aliasing but it doesn’t clean up every edge. Does anyone have solutions?

Looks like the back face color bleeding through. This is a graphics card issue but you can edit the back face color in the style to minimize its impact.


This has bothered me for a long time as well, and I’ve always done what Dave suggested… color the back face to minimize the impact of that ‘visual noise’ sneaking through. I either color back faces black (to match default edge color), or match the color of the front face. This works quite well, even though it’s a bit of an annoying extra step.
[Note that you can manually paint back faces with the Paint Bucket tool, or use the Entity Info panel to drag-and-drop the front color swatch over the back color swatch to swiftly match them. This works nicely when you’ve pre-selected a bunch of faces you need to re-color all at the same time.]


Here’s an example. The green back face color is my default.

Editing the back face color to brown in this case works since I’m not displaying edges here.


Hi Dave, thanks so much for the solution! It does minimize the problem.

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