How to get better resolution/rendering of image upon print/export


Hello Sketchup Nation,

I recently re-downloaded Sketchup to see if it can do what I need. My plan is to use it to create 3d floorplans for Building Automation Systems. I just did a trial with our office building and all went well until I attempt to create a jpg or png file to bring into my BAS. The image doesn’t look anywhere near as good as it does in Sketchup, I get a very grainy picture (sawtooth wall edges, not smooth).

I typically need an image that will fit into a 800x600 window. It could go as big as 1024x768 depending on the customer.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



You need to increase the resolution. When you export your image there is an options button on the bottom right hand side of the export dialogue which allows you to alter the size of the image.

I wouldn’t however export at only 800 x 600 as that will result in the issues you describe. I would export at a much higher resolution first (at least 2500 pixels wide and probably higher) and then downsize afterwards if this is required.

You also mentioned that you were creating floorplans, Usually you would export these to scale as a PDF rather than a JPEG. Again you can set the quality level in the print dialogue if you did use PDF.


Thanks…I did use the button on the bottom right to crate the size I needed. The reason I shoot for 800 is that’s the size of the space I have available when I create my graphics.

When you say downsize after exporting; what’s the best way to accomplish this?

I don’t need scale because I’m just using them in the background. I’m putting controller or room names over the temperature for that zone/room. I also put a gradient for a background color for the widget so the customer can see at a quick glance if the temperature is close to setpoint or not.


with an raster image processor as e.g. fine XnView (free for non-commercial).


You can also try Visualizer, as it’s free now:
It’ll give you a rendered image.


Yes Xn View is fine or IrfanView or Fastone. All free and can do the job well. Photoshop can also be used of course if you have it.


Thanks for the heads up on XnView…works great…However, I’m having difficulty with what it does to the background. When I exported from SketchUp, I nulled or made the background clear. After working on resizing the image through XnView, it makes the background color black. I found where I can edit this color, but I don’t see anything asking if I want to make it transparent. Any thoughts on where or if this is possible?


Got it!!!

I didn’t spend enough time looking at while type of file I was saving is as after I did the resizing. It was defaulting to JPG; which I guess doesn’t support transparency!?

I switched it to output a PNG and VOILA!!! Works great…thanks!