How to fix unexpected file format

Hi can anyone help me to fix my unexpected file format ive tried the rename the skb file to skp the file turned to be same is still unexpected file format can anyone help.


Are you really using SketchUp for Schools, as your forum profile states? That is a web-based version meant for school children to use while learining. The file header shows it to be from version 23.0.397, which is a desktop Pro version.

When I opened your file using SketchUp 24, it reported that there was a defective group that it removed while fixing problems. After that, the file opened succesfully, showing this:

You have been hoarding a lot of unused stuff. A purge yielded this:

Screenshot 2024-05-27 at 10.00.06 AM

You should be able to open your file if you upgrade to SketchUp 23.1 or SketchUp 24.

Please correct your forum profile.