How to fix corrupt Sketchup File?

I have an important file im working on and it is possibly now corrupt… It keeps causing my Sketchup and Twin Motion to crash.

Now everytime I open my sketchup it opens with bugsplat because when it closes on this file it crashes. It now opens up that file everytime it opens because it is “restoring” it?

Anyway, How do I fix a corrupt file?

thanks for help.

Share the .skp file so we can see what’s going on. Did you add anything from the 3D Warehouse? It’s not unknown that some components from the Warehouse can cause SketchUp to crash. Might also be an extension.

Have you been sending in the BugSplat reports with your e-mail address so they can be identified as coming from you?

File is too large to attach unfortunately, max is 16mb I’m at 40mb

Yes, I have downloaded from the warehouse. I tried deleting the last thing I remember adding and re saving no help. tried copying everything and pasting in new file, same issue.

been sending reports, no didn’t include my email. I’ll start doing that.

is there a better/different way to share a larger file?

Upload it to DropBox and share the link.

They can’t be used to help you if they come in with nothing to tie them to you.

Started sharing my email on splat reports.

Here’s a link to the file.

Thanks Dave for chiming in, appreciate your help.

The file opens, I am on a Windows box.

I’m not having any problem with your file splatting on my computer. It’s a little sluggish. Since it splats right away on opening for you I would suspect your graphics card isn’t up to handling something in your model. Possibly some of the heavier elements or maybe large images/textures. So far I haven’t identified exactly what it would be.

I did find and fix incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and fces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 8_19_2022 , 2_09_55 PM

I see a lot of groups that ought to be instances of components. If they were that would help with file size.

It’s possible that something was fixed in later versions. Here’s your file after some fixes, and saved as 2021.


Thank you so much. I got the file downloaded and it seems to be better then the old one. It looks like it is fixed/not crashing my program. I deleted the old files that were giving me issues and we’ll see how it goes. It’s weird because I have many larger files that don’t give me the issues Ive been having with this one and I have a new macbook pro w/m1 max so I’d hope it wasn’t a graphics/cpu issue. The old file would always open just splat each time I’d close it.

Thanks Colin! The file is not crashing my machine anymore. Can you tell me what you did or what I can avoid in the future?

It’s not always a case of total file size. Typically crashes on start are related to the graphics card rolling over and crying uncle. When that happens it’s usually some obese component or image in the file causing it.

Before you go much further with the model I would strongly recommend that you fix the incorrect tag usage.

Thanks Dave, So make sure faces and edges are untagged. Make any repeated groups a component. Anything else? is there a resource to share regarding proper tag useage, building?

Yes. ALL edges and faces should be created and remain Untagged and you always leave the pencil icon at the right side of the Tags panel set to Untagged. No need to chase active tags when you are creating or editing groups and components that way. Much simpler workflow.

Note if you import CAD files the edges will come in with tags that match the layers in the CAD file. Best practice it to fix that in SketchUp before you get underway with your modeling.

As for resources, look at the Help files at regarding Tag usage. Also I think there’s a Square One video on the SketchUp YouTube channel. I’ll have to go and hunt.

Square One video: Tags Window - Square One - YouTube

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