How to fix Alias to open my SketchUp File! Please help

Hi there,

To start (maybe this information is helpful, I’m on the trial) - I’m open to purchasing but I figured use the trial for now. Anyway, I was using the program and creating a model just fine. Then, I had some issues connecting VRAY to Sketchup due to licensing issues (that’s been solves now). But somewhere in between closing SketchUp (I made sure to save my original file and the last opened recovered project) something happened that now I’m unable to open my file. This message pops up " The alias “a_new_name” can’t be opened because the original item can’t be found." – Does anyone know how to fix this/recover my file? It says I need to find the original item but it won’t even let me open the original file (the same message pops up) so I don’t know at this point what to do. Please help.

Thank you so much in advance.

If you search in Finder for the name, both the alias and the original should show up.

Ok, thank you. I swear I did that before you recommended and it didn’t work but this time it did, so great! :slight_smile: A little problem now it says the file is locked. Do you know how I can unlock it?

Do you mean that when you open it in SketchUp it says it’s read only? That would happen if you had another copy of SketchUp open with the same file. You can Command-Tab to cycle through the open applications. Check to see if there are two SketchUps open.

If the file’s location is read only, try moving it to Documents or Desktop, and see if that solves things.

Or, Get Info for the file, and look in the Sharing and Permissions section at the bottom. Does it say Read Only for all of the entries in that list?

Ok, that’s solved. Thank you! Another question. For some reason VRAY won’t open in SketchUp, it just stays in download mode. But I know it’s installed and back when I was unable to open this particular file, it was working just fine (opening and all). Do you know what I can do?

Thanks for all the help!

Don’t know about that one. There is a V-Ray section in the forum, might be worth asking there.

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