Can't open a file anymore after crashing two days ago! Help :)

Hi all,
I am new on the community and need some advices as I am in a difficult situation.
Two days ago I was working on a sketchup file, adding some vegetation using the plug in scatter, and doing some live renders with Vray for sketchup plug in … That might be a bit too much for my computer because sketchup crashed as always when I am using either v-ray or skater…
But the problem is that since that event, Ive been trying to open that same file, it open it to the last scene I was, but it is lading, and loading, and loading… I can never use the file !
I’ve been trying to copy it, to open it without v-ray or Skatter, to let it overnight see if I could use it the next morning … Nothing worked !
This file is for renders I need to do for work within the next month that’s why I need you help sketchup community ! If you ever had this problem or if you thing you could have solutions please share it with me :wink: Cheers!

If your file is full of vegetation and is crashing v-ray then I’m assuming its too large to post here. Perhaps you could post the file to a file sharing service with a link here? Getting a look at the actual file is the best way to help diagnose whats going on. I assume your sketchup opens other files just fine? Do you have “create backup” enabled? If so does the backup or previous versions open?

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