Bug Splat SketchUP 2015 Mac

I can’t open my file because instantly apear a bug slap, i can open older files but not the last archives that i was working.

I don’t see a BugSplat report with your name on it, although there is a recent crash due to some rendering issue.

Is there any chance you can share the file with me? If it’s small enough, email it directly to me at marc@sketchup.com, or email me a Google Drive or Dropbox link.


Any news? I am leaving the office shortly but I’ll check my messages from home until about 10pm MST.


hi, yes the file its loading, im sorry for the delay!

Hi Marc,

That might be mine. My sketchup crashes daily when I am using v-ray, I am in the process of going through the company I purchased V-ray from though.

Am I better off going through you to try and identify the problem?

Hi Alice-

My earlier comment was referring to crashes in SketchUp 2015, so that’s probably not you.

I’d guess that most V-ray crashes are best handled directly by the V-ray team, so see how far you get with them and report back here in a new thread if it doesn’t get fixed. You can reach them directly on their website.


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