How to find the exe installed so I can select it in SketchUp default image editor preference?

Hello. This is a question from a newbie.
My Windows 10 is hiding where the paint dot net exe file is reciding, so I can’t find it to select it as SketchUp default image editor.
Anyone who know the local installation folder of the install?
I’ve looked in both the Programs folders to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Kai Inge

From memory which may be faulty. Look in Programs x86

When I right click on the Paint app in the windows menu and open the file location, this is where it sends me. Not where you would expect?! I added it and it worked for me.

EDIT: I have been unable to find the actual exe.

(ProgramData is hidden) This is windows 10 even though it shows as 8.

That is the problem, when I right click for the context menu, I’m not offered the file location as I did before.
When looking for (and even searching for) the folder and exefile it is to no avail.
As you say, ProgramData is hidden, but when I searched for Start Menu in your path, I traced down the Paint shown in your list, but this is the ordinary Paint program in Windows, not the version I assume.

I believe that the Paint dot net version is more powerful, than the ordinary Paint, so I still want that instead,
but for now I at least have an image editor in SketchUp
Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:

Which is actually the location of the shortcut. Since Windows shortcuts don’t have filesystem transparency (that means a shortcut works like a replacement of the file where it points to), you need to provide instead the path of the .exe file.

You can see the location of the executable in the properties when right-clicking a program shortcut. I think Paint.exe resides in the Windows system32 or a similar folder.

If you ever start to feel that editing images in Paint.exe is not a joy, you can explore alternatives like Gimp or Krita or (which is neither a version of nor related to Paint).

“or (which is neither a version of nor related to Paint).”
This is just the problem. I could, with help from Ian T over here, trace the msPaint in Win32 Systemfolder, but I want in SketchUp to use the that I installed for this purpose.
And that exefile is hidden from beeing traced by right clicking the short-cut.
I have tried to right-click the short-cut in the Start menu, the task line and the menu itself, the location is not offered as an option.

Kai Inge

Yes, I’m in a muddle between the two and forgot that they are different programs.

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