SketchUp exe not found...but it's there!

Hello everybody

I’m having this problem since a lot of time, more than a year I guess, and I have no idea about what’s wrong and how I can fix it.
I always used SU for fun and minor study projects, but now I’d really need it and I’d like to solve the problem for real.

Here a screenshot about what happens:

Translated, the error message says it doesn’t find the exe file, not even when I start it from the exe itself, but as you can see it’s exactly there where it should be…I tried changing installation folder, reinstalling SU 2014 and 2015 dozens of times, but the outcome never changes…and I don’t know what to do…anyone else had this problem before?

Thanks to everybody who can give me even the smallest advice!

Did you install it initially as an ‘Administrator’ ?

Can you change the exe file’s settings in the Properties dialog and retry using it…

Select the icon > Right-click mouse > Context-menu > Properties > Compatibility
In the bottom area [named ‘Privilege Level’] there is a check-box, tick it so that SketchUp always runs as administrator…


You will need Admin-powers to do these kinds of changes - if you do not have them use the Users Control-Panel to give them to yourself…

Unfortunately nothing changed…it’s as if the computer is not able to recognize the file…