No SketchUp Make 2017 "EXE", file

I have used SketchUp for some time and I am using 2016 now. I am Color blind and 2017 is has a solution to that problem. But the Actual “SketchUp.exe” file is missing.

I have 64 system, Windows latest version of installer, NET Framework 4.5.2, and Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015.

I have Removed and Reinstalled SketchUp Make 2017 and now have an “Sketchup.exe” file but it will not open.

When you installed SketchUp 2017 from its installer exe file I suspect that you did NOT you do it in the proper way…

Select the installer’s exe file icon.
Right-click > context-menu
Run as administrator

This method will install SketchUp properly,
If SketchUp is already installed, then selecting the Repair option might fix thins, without the necessity of an uninstall/reinstall ?

Trying to install SketchUp by double-clicking its installer or just ‘run’ will NOT work - it MUST be done in the recommended [only] way !

I have the EXE file now, but when I click it, the load Icon shows up and
then after a few seconds disappears.

Usually caused by either graphics card that is too old (and does not support OpenGL v3,) or an out of date graphics driver.

See this help post: 2017 not launching

P.S. - @LowellB

It’s probably the Card this is an old Computer. Thank you very much, I was
just surprised because the 2016 version works just fine.

I thank you for your help and advice.