How to fill in missing pieces?


Hi everyone, I created this model and upon closer inspection it seems theres some missing triangular shapes at the corners, you can see it here:

Any idea how this happened and how to fill them in?

The solution might be the same as to question #2, is there a way to create a shape to fill in an opening? Full model is:

I want to create a “lid” that is recessed/sits in the mini ledge of this box. The edges are curved so I was wondering if theres a way to create a “rounded” rectangle with the same curves as the ledge.

Thanks for any help!


The answer to the first question is most likely to work at a larger scale while drawing the box. I question whether the edges are all coplanar, however. How did you go about drawing the box in the first place?

As for creating the lid to fit in the recess, Once you’ve got the box geometry correctly drawn, it would be a simple matter of copying the appropriate edges to use as the shape of the lid.

Perhaps you could upload your SKP file for the box?


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