How to export svg file

With this reference model created by Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to set some camera angle and export in SVG file so that in import in Coreldraw or Illustrator with same color and set camera angle. Is there any plugin or way to export the model with the camera view set and export to SVG file. Please share little in detail if there any plugin and how it works. Any suggestion or help. Thanks

If you mean you want to export as Vector rather than Raster you just export as .PDF or .EPS

Yes a vector file which i can import in Coreldraw or illustrator with the same color and angle set in the view.

Yes then PDF is fine.

Thanks for replying. Can you plz go in detail how it works.

Its quite simple really.

Once you are happy with the view in SketchUp, you want to select from the top toolbar:


You can then change the file type to .pdf. If you select ‘Options’ you can alter the line weights etc.

You hit Export and you will then have a .pdf file.

You then open illustrator and select FILE > IMPORT and simply select the PDF.

Thanks for replying after exporting as EPS file i got some missing result.

Original File

EPS File

After importing EPS file in Illustrator file the ground is missing and the goal has the white cube. I have exported with the default setting. Are there any other setting to achieve the same result from sketchup view.

I have tried with PDF same result no ground and goal seen.

The Ground is not really ground but the SketchUp model’s background color. So that will not export. Just draw a large rectangle under the stadium and then re-export.

The goals are a transparent PNG netting texture…which also will not export. It gets converted to a solid vector fill. So everything is working correctly. Hope this helps.

Here is 2 exports…one as PDF and one as PNG with just the field and goals. Then in AI, freeze or delete the field and goals.

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Oh and same with the field lines. That’s a texture. Just trace them so they are lines and faces and then they’ll show up in Illustrator.

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Ok so you mean that textures or png do not export as EPS or PDF. Thanks for replying