Export Sketchup to Corel Draw

I am trying to figure out how to export lines from sketchup to coreldraw as a vector with closed nodes

In Coreldraw, all the nodes need to be closed inorder to have a fill.
Attached is a dxf file exported from Sketchup to Coreldraw.

Any suggestions?open nodes.pdf (82.7 KB)

w/o opening your PDF (don’t open PDFs from unknown sources) this could be small rounding errors in the decimal places.

Try if doing a 2D export in the PDF/EPS format works better.

I have tried exporting as an eps and pdf.
Both have same issues

If your edges in SketchUp enclose a face, you can include it in your export as a fill, but you must use the PDF or EPS format instead of DWG or DXF. If you use a hidden line style, the fills are not exported.Untitled.pdf (59.3 KB)

Wow, it worked :grinning:
Thank you VERY MUCH!!