Export to eps file cannot open in coreldraw or inkscape. Error

I am able to export as an eps vector file.
However when i attempt to open it in Coreldraw or Inkscape it tells me that an error occurred and the file cannot be opened.

I have had success with this before. Not sure If I could be doing something different that I am not aware of?

Any help would be appreciated.
I have Sketchup Pro 2022

Can you post your model and the resulting EPS? Is the model far from the origin point?
What happens if you export a PDF instead and try to open that? The content of a PDF should be identical to that of an EPS - PDF is compressed.

Village Inn.skp (329.8 KB
Thank you for looking at this.

Not able to export to pdf as a vector.

Do either of these work for you? Both work in Inkscape for me.

Village Inn.dxf (699.6 KB)
Village Inn.pdf (13.6 KB)

EPS export crashed for me too. PDF didn’t work either. Crash #264302
@DaveR, What happens if you don’t change the camera direction?

My Inkscape doesn’t even seem to support EPS.

What do you see with these?

Village Inn perspective.dxf (584.5 KB)
Village Inn perspective.pdf (14.1 KB)

Works for me. Bah. Now, trying a second time, I cannot make it crash again.
Village Inn2.pdf (41.3 KB)
Village Inn2.eps (269.1 KB)

Hi Sorry,
I havent responded .

I Have attempted the pdf and it did import however not as a vector.
The eps file still has an error.
I would really like to resolve this issues as I would like to use it often.
Sometimes it works, Most of the time it does not.

Odd. EPS and PDF exported from SketchUp Pro (File menu>Export>2D Image…) are both vector-only files that are identical in content. The PDF file format is a compressed version of EPS. If you print a PDF from SketchUp the result might be a raster file depending on the settings of the printer driver.

Some applications might rasterize the file when importing, but that is mainly done by image editors like Photoshop. The Mac version of SketchUp can also import PDF, but it also converts the file to a raster image. I have imported EPS and PDF into Illustrator and Inkscape and both keep the vector geometry.

Can you share a SketchUp model file in which this doesn’t work?

I am learning that if I downsize it. It works.
I believe it was 19 feet tall originally.
Copied it, opened new file, downsized to export as eps.
Hopefully someone else can learn from this tip.
Export to eps.skp (3.1 MB)