Convert Sketchup file to CorelDraw file

Hello folks,

I need send a file sketchup to colleague who uses Corel (extension .CDR). Exist any extension to sketchup or software where can I draw in sketchup and convert this file or save as in .CDR?

It can be in CDR or another extension that allows it to open in the software coreldraw.


Can you export the file to DWG and have them try to open that in Draw? I used to have a copy of Draw and it could open some DWG files iirc. It will be 2D though.

Exporting a PDF or EPS ought to work. AFAIK CorelDraw can open these for editing. These (like the DWG Sean suggests) are pure vector formats. If you need the file to show textures, shadows etc, you have to export a PDF from the LayOut application, using hybrid rendered views to display your model.

These options are available to SketchUp Pro users. In your profile you say you use SketchUp Make. You talk about “colleague” - implying that you are using Make for work, which is against the terms of service.


I don’t understand your reply!

I need one plugin to do this? (Export the file as DWG file?)


You need SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Shop to be able to export a DWG.

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I installed the Corel Draw 2020. Open my Sketchup Make 2017 and printed to pdf (I don’t think that’s the way you are talking, right?). When you talk about “LayOut Application”, are you talking about that?

What I need send to my friend (colleague equal friend. My native language it is not English) just are rectangles. Therefore I think the drawing I intend to send is just pure vector formats.


I can’t have Sketchup Pro because I don’t have money to pay for this. Already had installed this version but the the trial period is over. Therefore I download and use the Sketchup Make 2017.
When you talking about “Sketchup Shop” do you refers to Sketchup Online?


Yes. SketchUp Shop is the paid online version.

If you are using SketchUp for your hobby, SketchUp Make is fine but if you are using it for something that you are charging for you need a properly licensed version (Pro or Shop).

Why don’t you send an image to your friend and let him draw what you want in CorelDraw?

Alternatively you could hire someone with SketchUp Pro to make the .dwg file from your SketchUp Model. since they have to pay for the license, it’s only fair that you’d pay them for their time and service.

If you still need help I can export your SU file to dwg, eps or pdf for you. EPS seems to open well in Adobe Illustrator on my end.

Printing to PDF from SketchUp Make creates a vector pdf file if you check the “Use high-accuracy HLR” box in the Print dialog.


Hello everyone,

Sorry for my absence, but in the meantime my colleague didn’t need the files anymore.
However, I need to convert a drawing I created in sketchUp Make 2017 to .dwg. I followed the “Exporting a SketchUp Model as a 2D CAD file” option available on this link ( but it doesn’t work. I can only export to .dwg with the Pro version, right?


Yes. Or SketchUp Shop. You were told that back in June. It hasn’t changed.

Thank you to your reply.
Meanwhile I managed to do it in AutoCad.